Using work automation you can automatically create non-conversational tasks, known as workitems, and route it to an agent for further action. You can define a set of statuses and the status pre-requisites, and automate the task progression using workflows or routing methods. 

About work automation

Genesys Cloud creates workitems using API triggered events. Workitems belong to specific worktypes with custom attributes and are routed automatically to queues like an ACD interaction or are routed using workflows. Use the FAQs to help answer common questions around work automation. Visit the Genesys Community to post additional questions.

Set up triggers and Architect workflows

Learn how to set up Architect workflows that you can trigger when the status of a workitem changes. 

Set up workitem configuration

Learn how to define custom attributes for a worktype, create a worktype, and a workbin.

Workitems for agents

Learn how to accept, disconnect, park and unpark, transfer, search, and manage workitems.

View workitems

View workitems priority, due date, status, worktype, queue, routing state, and more for a supervisor’s agents and queues.

Workitem performance views

Administrators and supervisors can use the workitem performance views to gain insights into the total number of workitems handled in a queue across specific time intervals.