Feature coming soon: Work automation for EMEA (UAE) and EMEA (Zurich) Genesys Cloud regions

These FAQs are meant to help answer common questions around work automation. Use the Feedback button to submit more questions or visit the Genesys Community to post more.

Can I blend workitems into a queue with other media types?

While it is possible to mix media in a single queue, Genesys recommends that you create dedicated queues to handle workitem traffic. This recommendation is due, in part, because currently no performance view exists with combined data to show existing conversations and new workitems. Also, many of the queue settings; for example, auto-answer, after call work settings, and so on, are not implemented for the work automation feature, which reduces confusion for your agents when they handle workitems.

Should I be concerned with any rate limits when I create or update workitems?

For the initial work automation MVP release, Genesys intentionally keeps rate limits low to ensure that you do not incur any risk to other services on the platform. You can ask that your limits be raised by submitting valid use cases to our Customer Care team. For more information, see Limits in the Developer Center.

How many custom attributes can I add to a workitem?

Each custom schema supports up to 50 unique attributes. In the future, Genesys may increase this number. After you define a schema, you cannot delete its attributes. Genesys recommends that you think strategically when you design your schemas.

Do you offer a free work automation trial? How long does it run?

When work automation releases, Genesys will offer a 90-day free trial. This trial gives customers plenty of time to build out their uses cases and integrations, and to run enough traffic through the platform to validate their performance.

How do I migrate my existing solution to Genesys Cloud?

Genesys encourages customers who move to Genesys Cloud from another platform, whether it be a custom platform, part of a CRM or tailored solution, or from a Genesys Cloud legacy platform, to think about and map out end-to-end solutions from creating a workitem to closing a workitem. The mapping process around the details of when routing happens, when priority occurs, or when various bits of business logic runs, helps the Genesys team prescribe the best solution to deliver the outcomes you need. A decision to remap existing Genesys tools and functionality is unlikely to work and instead leads to frustration. Genesys looks forward to assisting you and is confident of the tools to deliver the outcomes that your organization needs.

How do I run business logic on Genesys Cloud to manage my work in an automated fashion?

Genesys built work automation on top of the existing Genesys Cloud solution, process automation. Process automation is a solution that monitors internal events, uses triggers to evaluate each event and, based on specific criteria. For example, when a support case in the Customer Care workbin moves to a closed status, the goal is to terminate the workitem and send a survey to customers, Genesys runs a workflow in Architect. Architect is the Genesys Cloud flow authoring tool that can define how to update the workitem, in this case, change status, and then run data actions to third-party web services. In the example, Architect sends the post interaction survey. Advanced users can work with Professional Services to learn more about Architect, data actions, data tables, and more, to get started.

I disconnected a workitem and it is no longer on my screen. How do I find it?

Workitems always resides in a workbin. Based on the worktype, you can quickly determine which workbin in which to find the lost workitem. The list view enables you to select the appropriate workbin and then filter on the Routing State, or the Assignment State via the API, to look for workitems with a Disconnected or Idle status. The workitem may remain assigned to the user who disconnected it.

Can I create forecasts and agent schedules that include workitems?

Genesys has not yet integrated work automation into its workforce management or quality management tools. However, implementation of forecasting and scheduling is planned for a future date and will include screen recording and evaluations.

How can I see and filter workitems based on their custom attributes?

Genesys gives agents and supervisors access to workitem attributes when those attributes are connected in the agent UI or via the list view’s Preview page. In a future release, Genesys will include support for visualizing and filtering attributes in the view and with the API.

Currently, no direct relationships are defined for workitems and other conversations, although this association is planned for a future release. As an interim solution, you can leave some attributes open, where you write the conversationIDs into the workitems when each interaction completes, or via a post-processing action. Process Automation triggers and workflows are important here.

Is work automation available with a Communicate license?

To access the work automation add-on, you must have a valid Genesys Cloud CX 1, Genesys Cloud CX 2, or Genesys Cloud CX 3 license.