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Real-time adherence view

Genesys Cloud’s real-time adherence view monitors agent activity in real time. Supervisors can see which agents are in or out of schedule adherence by tracking current agent status and presence, comparing actual activity with the published schedule. 

Note: When you publish or republish a schedule, those updates may take a few minutes to appear in the real-time adherence view.

The real-time adherence view also helps supervisors see how out of adherence agents positively or negatively impact the organization, or if the adherence has no impact. For example:

Scheduled activity Actual activity Impact
Agent scheduled for break. Agent remains on queue and handles more interactions. Positive
Agent scheduled for on queue. Agent takes an unplanned break. Negative
Agent scheduled for training. Agent attends team meeting. Neutral
Note: To be in adherence for scheduled on queue activity, the agent must be in the On Queue presence or be in either Idle, Interacting, or Communicating routing status. The last routing status for concurrent interaction scenarios dictates the agent’s perceived routing status.

The real-time adherence page combines adherence overview and agent details in one view. The overview includes the following charts:

  • Adherence: The number and percentage of agents in adherence, out of adherence, unscheduled, ignored, or unknown.
  • Impact: The number and percentage of agents with a positive, negative, neutral, or unknown impact on performance. Impact helps supervisors determine if out of adherence agents are helping, hurting, or have no impact on the company.
  • Scheduled Activities: The activities included in the current schedule, and the number and percentage of agents in each activity.
  • Actual Activities: The current activities and the number and percentage of agents in each activity.

Pause over each chart to view specific agent figures and percentages in more detail. Below the charts, view individual details about each agent’s adherence to the schedule. Use the search, filter, and sort options to narrow the list of agents.

Note: Agents without adherence records do not appear in the real-time adherence view. For real-time adherence tracking, agents must be assigned to a management unit and be part of a published schedule.

Access the real-time adherence view from the Admin menu

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Real-Time Adherence.

Access the real-time adherence view from the Performance menu

  • Click Performance > Real-Time Adherence.
  • From the Business Unit and Management Unit list, located in the upper right corner, select either a business unit or a management unit.

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