About the 8×8 integration

8x8 integration in Genesys Cloud: Feature coming soon

Use the 8×8 integration to view directories, search contacts, and make calls between 8×8 and Genesys Cloud.

Note: Only one PBX phone integration can be enabled per user in an organization.

Plan your Unified Communication integration

Use the 8×8 integration as part of the Unified Communication tools integration with Genesys Cloud.

Get the 8×8 integration  

You require a 8×8 license for the integration.

Configure the 8×8 integration

Configure the 8×8 integration as a client application integration in Genesys Cloud. Give application consent in 8×8. Then, to complete the configuration, enable a Genesys Cloud setting which allows 8×8 to place calls.

Use the 8×8 integration

Use the 8×8 integration for your calls.