Genesys Cloud customers are responsible for the following areas:

Genesys Cloud relies on the customer for the support and serviceability of their client access connections and the associated network equipment, which includes corporate offices, public Wi-Fi hotspots, employees’ personal networks at home, and cellular data connectivity used for access.

For… This includes…

Client applications — Providing access for machines, tablets, and mobile devices running Collaborate applications

Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Network connectivity
    • Determining the best way to connect phones on the customer network so they can communicate with, and retrieve their configuration from, the on-premises Edge appliances
    • Supporting any third-party network devices needed by the phones or Edge appliances (DHCP, DNS, and so on)
    • Determining and configuring network hardware to meet industry-defined performance standards for voice over IP (VoIP)
    • Providing adequate customer network bandwidth and access for Genesys Cloud components to operate properly
    • Resolving issues related to Edge, phone, or computer network connectivity issues
  • Environment
    • Adherence to all environmental regulations required to provide the Genesys Cloud Edge device operating conditions in line with Genesys’s guidelines
    • Adherence to all environmental regulation required to provide phone device operating conditions in line with phone manufacturer’s guidelines.

As an Internet-based cloud service, a customer’s connectivity to Genesys Cloud depends on the quality of their Internet connection. Some factors of Internet quality depend third-party services delivered to the customer by other providers or equipment on the customer network, such as Internet service circuits, publicly routable IP addresses, domain name resolution, intrusion prevention, and web filtering. Genesys Cloud relies on the customer for the support and serviceability of these services and provider interactions.

Note: For Genesys Cloud Voice, the responsibility for connectivity is shared between the customer and Genesys.

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Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center
  • PSTN access (SIP/TDM)
    • Providing a means of connecting to the PSTN through a carrier of the customers choosing
    • Ensuring that customers PSTN service meets Genesys carrier interoperability requirements
    • Ensuring that the PSTN service has the needed capacity to meet the customers usage needs
    • Maintaining the business and operational relationship with the PSTN carrier
  • Internet access
    • Providing a means of connecting the Edge appliance to the public Internet
    • Ensuring that the customers Internet has the required Internet bandwidth, access, and performance for the Edge to properly function 
    • Resolving connectivity and performance issues related to Edges ability to communicate with Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud provides real-time services that require Quality of Service (QoS). The customer is responsible for maintaining industry-standard QoS practices within their sphere of network control and as far as practicable across the Internet.

For… This includes…

Video chat quality — Resolving issues related to network performance such as latency, jitter, and packet loss

Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center

Voice and video quality — Resolving issues related to network performance such as latency, jitter, and packet loss

The customer is responsible for maintaining their devices, servers, connectors, and third-party systems such that they operate with the Genesys Cloud infrastructure. As Genesys Cloud provides new versions of system components that reside on customer assets or under customer control, the customer must determine when and how these updates are delivered based on their business’s operational requirements. Non-compliance with the latest released versions can impact the customer’s access to features and overall functionality. The customer is also responsible for maintaining their operating systems and related components in line with the supported minimums provided by Genesys.

For… This includes…
Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Edges
    • Scheduling and implementing updates for the Edge appliance
    • Handling any issues arising from a version and feature mismatch between the Edge appliance and Genesys Cloud clients 
    • Accessing and gathering logs in the event the Edge appliance cannot connect to the Genesys Cloud environment for any reason
  • Phones
    • Updating phone firmware and software as required by the phone manufacture
    • Handling any potential issues arising from a version and feature mismatch between the Edge appliance and phone

Genesys Cloud is a self-servicing platform designed to provide flexibility in configuring an organization. Since each customer organization is unique, the customer is responsible for maintaining and managing all configurable items within their organization.

For… This includes…
Collaborate Admin data — Adding, editing, and maintaining users, custom roles, rated tags, translations, and locations 
  • Telephony — Entering and maintaining settings for sites, trunks, phone numbers, telephony endpoints, stations, and any other user-configurable settings
  • IVR — Creating, updating, and maintaining all IVR configurations such as scheduling, routing, TTS, ASR, and DTMF
  • Station configuration
    • Configuring the stations within the Genesys Cloud organization
    • Determining and validating hardware IDs, MAC, and computer names, such that voice endpoints are mapped in Genesys Cloud to the appropriate stations
    • Determining that the correct dynamic host configuration protocol settings and configuration are in place, and proper Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) settings
  • Dial Plan
    • Maintaining the integrity of their dial plan
    • Maintaining dialed number routing plan records for internal and external call routing
Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Queues — Creating, configuring, and maintaining all queue attributes and settings (priority, bullseye routing, after-call work, and so on)
  • Scripting — Configuring, maintaining, and updating all scripts in the system
  • Dialer
    • Configuring, maintaining, and updating all Dialer workflows and configuration
    • Operating within local and federal laws regarding use of an Automatic Telephone Dialing System (ATDS)
  • Reporting — Creating, configuring, and maintaining all non-standard reports
  • Quality Management — Creating and maintaining quality admin encryption keys, evaluation forms, and policies
  • Workforce Management — Creating and maintaining management units, short-term forecasts, schedules, activity codes, day classifications
  • Alerts — Creating and maintaining the inbox and alert rules

Genesys Cloud connects to various data sources under the control of both customers and third-party providers. Since the customer is the sole owner of the data archived in these repositories, the customer is responsible or the accuracy, maintenance, and management of these data sources.

For… This includes…

Organization — Maintaining, updating, and verifying the accuracy of data for users and the organization such as names, email addresses, titles, and so on

Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Sites
    • Maintaining, updating, and verifying the accuracy of data assigned to each Communicate Site
  • Phones
    • Maintaining, updating, and verifying the accuracy of data assigned to phone templates and individual phone devices

Genesys Cloud is a customer-maintained and distributed service, which means the customer determines who accesses Genesys Cloud, which devices run Genesys Cloud software, and where these devices are located. The customer is responsible for maintaining a security standard protecting access to their organizational data, Genesys Cloud applications, and the physical devices on which they run.

For… This includes…

Authentication — Ensuring the security of user credentials used for accessing Genesys Cloud  

Communicate & Genesys Cloud contact center
  • Authentication
    • Ensuring the security of settings and credentials used for accessing access third-party systems or providers
    • Ensuring the security of the settings and credentials applied to customers phones
    • Ensuring the security of any deployed customer IVRs or TUIs allowing external access to the system
  • Usage
    • Reviewing PSTN services for any irregular or fraudulent usage

Prerequisite: You must be a designated contact to contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.

Become a Designated Contact by first reviewing the Customer areas of responsibility. Then go to the Customer Care log in page and select Get Started to request a My Support account and get access to our Genesys support tools. Allow 48 business hours to receive your credentials.