To manage the Genesys admin settings from Salesforce:

  1. On the Setup Home page, click the App Launcher icon and search for the Administration Settings app in the Search apps and items box and launch the app.
  2. In the app navigation items, select Genesys Admin Settings.
  3. Under Contact Centers, select the contact center.
    Select the appropriate options in the Logging, Status Management, and Genesys Cloud Conversation Field Mapping sections.

Enable server-side logging

Enables logging that the Customer Support can access. When you encounter issues and contact the Customer Support, they request for these log files. Server-side logging allows Customer Support to access these logs directly. 

Status mapping

Keep your agents’ statuses in sync between Genesys Cloud and Omni-Channel. Create a presence status named Available for Voice that includes service channels for voice calls. When agents are signed in to that presence status, they receive the incoming voice calls.  For more information, see Create a presence status and give users access to presence status. The status mapping allows you to control how agents receive voice calls in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Genesys Cloud. 

The following table shows an example of status mapping between Genesys Cloud and Omni-Channel statuses. When an agent’s status is set to on queue in Genesys Cloud, the agent is available in Salesforce to receive voice calls. Similarly, when the agent goes off queue in Genesys Cloud, the Omni-Channel status is set to Available and the agent can receive other interactions apart from voice calls, such as chats and emails.

Omni-Channel status Genesys Cloud status
Available for Voice On Queue
Upon leaving “Available for Voice” status Available

Upon leaving “On Queue” status

Available Off Queue or Direct Calls Only

Default phone status

Note: To follow the example status mapping, you have to create the Busy and Available Off Queue or Direct Calls Only presence statuses in Salesforce and ensure that users have access to these statuses.

Enhanced status sync

You can create an extension class in Salesforce that details the status mapping between Salesforce and Genesys Cloud. Enter the extension class name in the search box and select the class from the list.

For more information about how to create the extension class, see the Genesys Cloud Developer blueprint.

Note: The status mapping between Genesys Cloud and Omni-Channel statuses is mandatory. If an error occurs during enhanced status sync, the status mapping will be used as a fallback approach.

Genesys Cloud conversation field mapping

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice provides voice call records for which you can map the fields to your interaction attributes. The Salesforce Fields represent the call in Service Cloud Voice. For more information, see Synchronize call attributes with Salesforce VoiceCall records.

Also, see Voice Call Fields in the Salesforce documentation.