Contact center

Assign evaluations per agent

Contact center quality managers can now assign a specific number of evaluations for an agent during a selected time period, such as a week or month. This feature helps managers ensure that agents have a consistent amount of evaluations every time period. For more information, see Create a policy.

Busy audio signal in Architect data actions

In Architect, administrators and contact center managers can now select a prompt to play during longer Call Data actions, Call Secure Data actions, and Call Bridge actions. The audio lets callers know that the interaction is experiencing extended processing times. This feature provides feedback to users that the interaction did not disconnect, but is still in progress. For more information, see Call Data action, Call Secure Data action, and Call Bridge action.

Conversation Detail Records enhancement in Analytics API

Developers can now query historical conversation details records asynchronously using the new Jobs API Endpoint. This endpoint returns the same data as the query endpoint with the addition of participant attributes. For more information, see Analytics overview in the Developer Center.


Client account access updates

Client accounts for authorized organizations now appear in an updated table format. To log in to a client’s organization, partners must now click the client’s name from the table and access the Auto Login button from the Details page. For more information, see Automatically log in to a client’s account

GDPR API enhancement

The Genesys Cloud GDPR API now supports data subject requests by social media handle. Initially, support is limited to search by Twitter user ID. For more information, see Genesys Cloud and GDPR compliance.