TCP transport protocol for BYOC Cloud trunks

Genesys Cloud now supports the TCP trunk transport protocol for use with BYOC Cloud trunks. The additional TCP support increases Genesys Cloud’s compatibility with services and devices. For more information, see Choose a trunk transport protocol.

Contact center

Performance Dashboards

Contact center managers can now create custom dashboards that display performance data and metrics about queues and users. The new dashboards allow managers to see contact center performance at a glance. For more information, see Performance Dashboards overview

Queue query enhancement in Analytics API 

Developers can now use the queue observation query in the Analytics API to return results sorted by duration from oldest to newest. This enhancement allows them to retrieve the longest waiting and longest interaction conversations in a queue. For more information, see Queue query in the Developer Center.

Configure multiple ACD messaging integrations per channel

Administrators can now configure multiple ACD messaging integrations for each channel. This feature enables organizations that have multiple accounts on a single channel to configure ACD messaging integrations for each of those accounts within the organization. For more information, see About messaging platforms.

Change the default country code for phone numbers

Administrators can now change the default country code used when adding new phone numbers. This feature streamlines phone entry for organizations with users and external contacts outside the United States. For more information, see Change the default country code.

Improved fax support for external contacts

Agents and business users can now send a fax directly from External Contacts. When they click the external contact’s company name, the Send a Fax window opens and pre-fills the organization’s fax number. For more information, see Send a fax.


Genesys Cloud Bridge integrations deprecation FAQs

Additional information about the Genesys Cloud Bridge integrations deprecation is now available in a set of FAQ articles. For more information, see Deprecation: Genesys Cloud Bridge integrations.