Genesys Cloud - June 24, 2020

Contact center

Contact verification and interaction history enhancements for selected regions

Enhancements to contact verification and interaction histories for chats and calls are now available in the EU (London) (eu-west-2), and Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2) regions and coming soon to other regions. Genesys Cloud now automatically verifies a contact when an interaction begins, and displays abandoned and self-service interactions in interaction histories. For more information, see Contact verification overview, Find, view, and verify a contact’s profile, View the interaction history for a contact, and View interaction history for an organization.

Add Workforce Engagement Management to subscriptions 

Customers can now add Workforce Engagement Management to their Genesys Cloud subscription. Genesys Cloud 1 and 2 customers can access Genesys Cloud 3-level WEM capabilities for a subset of users by upgrading through Genesys Add Ons. For more information, see Add Workforce Engagement Management to your subscription.

Template messages for agents using WhatsApp 

Genesys Cloud now supports template messages for WhatsApp messaging. Agents can use template messages to respond to inbound messages outside the 24-hour Customer Care window. Template messages incur fees when sent outside the Customer Care window. For more information, see Add a WhatsApp template message, Use a WhatsApp template message, WhatsApp pricing, and Facebook for Developers’ List Price Schedule.

Increased limit for Agent Performance views filters

Contact center managers and supervisors can now add up to 300 users to Agent Performance views filters. For more information, see About reports, views, and dashboards.

Digital flow outcome functionality in Architect and Analytics API

Architect’s flow outcome functionality is now available in chat, email, and messaging flows, in addition to call flows. Administrators and contact center managers can configure flow outcomes for digital flows. Developers can use the data to build reports in the Analytics API. For more information, see About Architect in the Resource Center, and Analytics in the Developer Center.

Assign Google Dialogflow bot events for non-responsive callers

Administrators can now assign events for a Google Dialogflow bot to follow up when a caller does not respond to a prompt. This feature improves bot behavior and customizes the experience for the caller. For more information, see Configure Google Dialogflow intent behavior when the caller does not answer and About the Google Dialogflow integration.

Barge-in functionality for Google Dialogflow enabled by default

Barge-in functionality used to interrupt a Google Dialogflow agent in an Architect flow is now enabled by default. Previously, administrators and contact center managers had to manually enable barge-in. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later. For more information, see Configure barge-in for Google Dialogflow bots and About the Google Dialogflow integration.


Introducing Adobe data actions integration

The new Adobe data actions integration runs as a Genesys Cloud service. The integration enables administrators to create custom actions to act on data in Adobe applications like Adobe Experience Platform. For more information, see About the Adobe data actions integration. 

Introducing Adobe Experience Platform integration for profile lookup

Administrators can now build an integration to Adobe Experience Platform that automatically retrieves customer data in Adobe and presents it to agents as they begin to speak with a customer. This feature enriches the external contact profile and visualizes the data to provide better context to agents. For more information, see Profile lookup with Adobe Experience Platform.


Screen recording, evaluations, and surveys permissions change 

On June 24, 2020, the screen recording, evaluations, and surveys routing permissions went into effect. For more information, see Screen recording, evaluations, and surveys permissions change.