Import people enhancements

Administrators who use a .csv file to add people to the organization can now include user extensions and divisions. For more information, see Add people with CSV file import.

Contact center

Introducing web chat flows in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers can now create inbound web chat flows. This feature allows customers to customize chat web chat message routing to enhance the customer experience. The initial phase includes the ability to route web chats to specific queues and incorporate automatic response messages. This feature supports version 1.1 and third party widgets. Future releases will include additional enhancements, including support for version 2 widgets. For more information, see Inbound chat flows overview, Widget feature comparison, and About Architect.

Font change for Korean and Japanese language .pdf and .xls reports

Reports configured to run as .pdf and .xls file formats now render in the Unifont font in Japanese and Korean languages. This font change allows characters in those languages to display properly. The font for other languages remains the same.


Release Notes in Genesys Cloud Admin UI

The Genesys Cloud Release Notes are now available to view within the Genesys Cloud Admin UI. This enhancement provides Genesys Cloud customers with greater accessibility and awareness of new and enhanced features, platform announcements, and deprecations.

Genesys Cloud Community Q&A show

Genesys Community now offers a Genesys Cloud Q&A show to address questions from the Genesys Cloud Community. Find the latest episode or the full archive on Genesys Community. If you are a member of the community, post your questions for a chance to hear your topic on a future episode. To join the community, request an account by emailing


LinkedIn profile import deprecation and removal

On July 31, 2019, Genesys will deprecate and remove the LinkedIn profile import feature. For more information, see Deprecation: LinkedIn Profile Import.