Thumbnail image support for additional document types

Documents now creates thumbnail images for additional file types. For more information, see Thumbnail images


Model-specific metabases for Polycom and AudioCodes phones 

Each Polycom and AudioCodes phone model that Genesys Cloud supports now has its own metabase. A metabase is essentially a database for storing phone configuration settings, which simplifies the configuration process. The use of model-specific metabases simplifies the identification of firmware updates and provides the opportunity to create new settings for features that are specific to a phone model. Previously, Genesys Cloud included a set of generic phone metabases that applied to a series of phones. For example, a generic Polycom VVX metabase provided settings for all 13 Polycom VVX models that Genesys Cloud supports. 

For more information about Polycom and AudioCodes phone configuration settings, see Find your phone’s configuration settings.

Contact center

Brazilian-Portuguese language support for Genesys Cloud

Native support for Brazilian-Portuguese (pt-BR) speech recognition, text-to-speech, IVR prompts and runtime, and telephony user interface (TUI) is now available. This release uses Interactive Intelligence’s in-house speech and text-to-speech engines running natively on the Genesys Cloud Edge. The new support joins existing support for the Portuguese user interface, completing platform coverage. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.

Chat and email metrics added to queue reports

Queue reports now include statistics for voice, email, and chat. Users can select the media types to display the relevant queue statistics. This addition affects the Queue Metrics Daily, Queue Metrics Summary, Queue Metrics Interval Export, and Queue Metrics Interval reports.


Verint WFM historical and Verint WFM RTA

This release includes the Verint WFM historical integration. The integration includes historical reports for agents, and queues for voice, chat, and email. The release also includes Verint WFM RTA status messages.  For more information, see About the Verint WFM historical integration and About the Verint WFM RTA integration.