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2024-04-22 2024-06-17

In a future release, Genesys Cloud will introduce Dictionary Management, a speech and text analytics enhancement that will give users control over refining transcription accuracy from the user interface. Currently, this feature is exclusively available through the developer API.

Within Genesys Cloud’s Voice Transcription feature, standard dictionary words may not always capture the specific terminology used within your organization. Dictionary Management provides a means of improving recognition for business or domain-specific terms, by enabling users to manually add company-specific brands, words, or acronyms into the transcription system, enhancing the transcription service’s likelihood of recognition. 

With Dictionary Management, you can ensure that your unique terminology is recognized with higher likelihood, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of transcribed voice interactions. 

For more information, see Voice transcription – What is dictionary management ? and the Dictionary management UI community post.

The Dictionary Management UI will appear as follows.

New dictionary management feature


New dictionary management feature