Dynamically referenced prompts enable you to find a prompt based on its string name at IVR runtime. With this action, you can perform such tasks as:

  • Source data from a data dip and play the value back to a caller as part of a prompt.
  • Play prompts based on random prompt names pulled from data dips.
  • Play a prompt depending on the result of an external API call.
Note: Architect does not take a snapshot of the prompt in real time. The system always plays the latest audio without the requirement to republish the flow.

This feature is useful when you have several prerecorded prompts that you want to play to a caller depending on a particular situation. Store the input data mapped to the prompt names in a data table or external database and then reference them from a Call Data action. For example, you have hotels in different locations serviced by individual direct-dial-in numbers (DDI). Map the DDIs to hotel prompt names and store them in a data table. When the customer calls a specific DDI, the flow checks the data table to get the prompt name string. It then uses a Find User Prompt action to retrieve and play the prompt reference.

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