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    In Architect, a flow assumes secure functionality when processing a secure action or when a variable’s content is marked as secure. When it consumes secure data, a key icon appears.

    Key icon

    Within a task, the key icon indicates that an action or an action beneath it is either secure or consumes secure data.

    Note: Secure flows impact agent analytic metrics, including time in IVR, average time in IVR, agent handle time, average agent handle time, and agent talk time. For more information, see Metric definitions.

    To help familiarize yourself with secure flows in Architect, see Secure call flows overview and Secure flow scenarios. For more information on configuring and designing secure flows, review the following sections:

    Articles Features you can configure
    Manage data resources in a flow

    Learn how to edit variables, view usage, and add and filter variables for flows. 

    Expression Help feature Learn how to access the built-in expression resource to assist when creating task expressions.
    Work with expressions Use expressions to create sophisticated and complex flow calculations by selecting variables and operators.
    Architect built-in variables

    See the list of Architect built-in variables for all flow types. The built-in variable for secure flows is Flow.InvocationData. In a secure flow, the Update Data action updates the variable to the value of Flow.InvocationData supplied to the secure flow. 

    Search for flows by dependency and Dependency Search tab

    Perform a search for flows used by particular dependencies or resources, such as prompts, users, or queues.

    About Architect

    Find more information on flows, including configuring default settings; managing flows; dependency searches; flow design resources; and tips, best practices, and troubleshooting. 

    Architect permissions overview

    Architect permissions are based on flow design tasks, or job functions. An administrator from the Genesys Cloud organization must assign the appropriate permissions to an Architect user. 

    Articles Features you can configure

    Create a flow

    Learn how to create flows, including secure flows, in Architect.

    Search for secure data within a flow

    Learn how to find flows that contain data and to search for secure data within a flow.

    Secure data version history

    Access and view previous versions of a flow and see which versions contain secure data.

    Extract Secure Data data action

    In a secure flow, this action copies the data from a secure variable to a non-secure variable.

    Call Secure Data data action

    Use this action when dealing with sensitive data; for example, when charging a caller’s credit card.
    Transfer to Secure Flow action  Call flows only: Learn about this action, available in inbound, outbound, and in-queue call flows.

    Return to Agent action

    Call flows only: Depending on the flow design, adding this action at the end of the secure flow can:

    • Return the caller can return to the initial flow and reconnect with an agent.
    • Disconnect the call if the flow instance is the only other participant other than the current call.
    Manage a variable

    View and edit a variable’s properties.

    Print a copy of a flow

    Learn how to generate a printable copy of a secure flow.

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