WebRTC Media Helper overview

Genesys Cloud’s WebRTC Media Helper is designed to allow you to successfully use WebRTC phones in a VDI environment without the need for fine tuning or additional VDI enhancements. More specifically, WebRTC Media Helper is a browser-based application that allows the WebRTC real-time media flow to run independently, outside of a VDI session even though the Genesys Cloud interface operates within VDI. Bypassing the VDI environment and terminating directly on the client workstation allows a WebRTC phone to function much like a hardware phone in a VDI environment. This provides an optimal audio quality experience.

Genesys Cloud Client WebRTC Media Helper
Operates inside of VDI sessions/apps
Requires authentication
Audio device management
Responsible for call control & interaction handling
Responsible for bi-directional audio streams
Note: It is important to understand that the WebRTC Media Helper must be running outside of the VDI solution/session to provide benefit.

To see how WebRTC Media Helper works, see the diagrams in the Run Genesys Cloud in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) configuration article.

Even though the audio will route directly between the Media Helper client and the Genesys Cloud media services, users will have the standard Genesys Cloud Agent UI experience with regards to call control, interaction handling, and wrap up.

WebRTC Media Helper can be used in conjunction with the desktop and browser-based Genesys Cloud clients, stand-alone clients built using the latest Genesys Cloud WebRTC SDK, or the embeddable framework client.

Agents who will be using WebRTC Media Helper must have a WebRTC phone created for them and the agents must select that WebRTC phone in order for Media Helper to function. For more information see, Configure the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone and Select a phone.

Note: The system on which you run the WebRTC Media Helper must meet the minimum system and browser requirements for Genesys Cloud and WebRTC. For more information, see Genesys Cloud system requirements

VDI configuration

When configuring VDI applications or environments for your agents, it is important that emulated audio input and output devices are made available to the application. The Genesys Cloud client application will play notifications and alerts through these emulated devices. Also, WebRTC media functionality will failover to these emulated devices in the event the Media Helper connection is lost.