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When you are provisioning a phone that supports Mutual Transport Layer Security (MTLS), you can take advantage of the Genesys Cloud provisioning service. For phones that do not provide MTLS support, the Genesys Cloud provisioning service option is not available. As such, you can only configure these types of phones to use the standard provisioning methods. To see which phones support MTLS, see Managed phones: models and features matrix.

The Genesys Cloud provisioning service is a robust feature that provides several advantages over the standard provisioning methods. To begin with, the Genesys Cloud provisioning service is built directly into Genesys Cloud as a microservice. This process means that it performs its job efficiently and without much overhead. In addition to first-time provisioning, the Genesys Cloud provisioning service can handle site-wide configuration changes and firmware updates.

It is publicly available for direct cloud to phone provisioning. And, you can use it in both Genesys Cloud deployment models: the Cloud Deployment Model (CDM) for Genesys Cloud Voice customers and the Local Deployment Model (LDM) for customers with on-premises Edge devices. 

You can select the Genesys Cloud provisioning service from either the Base Settings or the Phone settings depending on your goal. If you want to configure the provisioning method for all phones of a particular model, do so in the Base Settings. If you only want to configure the provisioning method for a specific phone, do so in Phone settings.

To use the Genesys Cloud provisioning service:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
  3. Click the Phones tab or the Base Settings tab.
  4. Select a phone or a base setting.
  5. Under Phone Configuration, click Network.
  6. Select From the Genesys Cloud provisioning service from the Provision list.
  7. Click Save Phone or Save Base Settings.