• 8×8 integration
  • 8×8 account
  • Integration > 8×8 > View permission

Use the 8×8 integration to view directories, search contacts, and make calls between 8×8 and Genesys Cloud. 

Open the 8×8 app

  1. In Genesys Cloud, click apps_icon.
  2. From the apps group, select 8×8.

    View directories and search contacts

    1. In Genesys Cloud, search for contacts or organizations.
    2. Select the contact you want. An 8×8 badge shows you which users are on 8×8.This image is a screenshot of the contact list in Genesys Cloud that shows the 8x8 presence.

    If the 8×8 SCIM user is not logged into Genesys Cloud, then Genesys Cloud retrieves and displays the presence and status of the user from 8×8. For example, a user with Available status in the 8×8 app appears as Available on 8×8 in Genesys Cloud.

    Transfer a call to an 8×8 user

    1. From the Calls panel, click  and select Transfer.
    2. Type the name of the contact and select the intended person from the list of suggestions.This image is a screenshot of the Transfer options in Genesys Cloud that shows the 8x8 presence.

      The Genesys tab lists the contacts that use the 8×8 app.

    3. Click Blind or Consult to transfer the call.
      Note: The transfer options work the same for ACD and non-ACD voice interactions.