To integrate Genesys Cloud with a supported UC platform, follow this order of setup.

Step 1: Configure the SIP setup

Create a SIP trunk connection between Genesys Cloud BYOC and your UC platform.

For more information, see the following SIP integration setup examples:

Step 2: Configure the SCIM Setup

  1. Select your identify provider. For more information, see About Genesys Cloud SCIM (Identity Management).
  2. Segment the users you plan to populate via SCIM based on user types. For more information, see Types of users based on login and Define your integration business model.
  3. With administrator permissions to the UC app, configure SCIM and the required mapping fields.
  • You can enable only one UC phone integration per user in an org.
  • Own and manage the SCIM instance separate from Genesys Cloud.
  • If you use multiple DIDs, you can assign one as primary voice through SCIM. Assign the integration DID as primary for users who are not expected to log in to Genesys Cloud.
  • If different user segments require different field mappings, you must deploy multiple instances of the SCIM app within your identity provider tenant.

Step 3: Install the UC application from AppFoundry

When you complete the SCIM configuration, navigate to the Genesys AppFoundry and install the required UC app into your Genesys Cloud org. After installation, the integration is available on the Admin > Integrations page in your Genesys Cloud org.

Note: GC-only users and hybrid users cannot see a UC-only user’s presence or the badge next to a UC-only user’s profile in Genesys Cloud until they install the UC app from AppFoundry.