Integrating Genesys Cloud with UC tools provides your organization the following capabilities.

Agents can consult with SMEs available on the UC platform

Agents can use the native Genesys Cloud application workflows to search for, see availability of, and transfer calls to UC-only users operating solely on the UC platform. UC-only users can be subject matter experts (SMEs) or back-office employees who typically do not receive queue-based interactions, but may be helpful to agents who need assistance in supporting a customer inquiry. Genesys Cloud agents can place an inbound interaction on hold to consult with an SME, and then decide whether transferring the call to the SME is appropriate.

Administrators can choose the setup type for agent stations

Integrating Genesys Cloud with a UC platform provides flexibility for customers to determine which application must be primarily used for telephony and agent stations. Administrators can opt to provide agents with Genesys Cloud’s webRTC client, a hard phone, a softphone, or the UC platform as a remote station. This optionality enables administrators to direct the agent experience to the preferred platform depending on business needs.

For example, you can do one of the following to integrate Microsoft Teams and Genesys Cloud:

UC-only users can access Genesys Cloud agents without PSTN charges

By building SIP connectivity between Genesys Cloud and the selected UC platform, customers can configure a Help Desk scenario that enables UC-only users to request assistance without incurring additional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calling charges. Agents can receive calls through predefined queues and, if necessary, return calls directly back to UC-only users based on their presence within the UC platform. This configuration enables closer alignment between critical tools and users across the organization.