There are several types of apps in the AppFoundry:

  • Premium applications are from our technology partners and authorized resellers. These apps and integrations are available for purchase. To purchase a premium app, contact Genesys Cloud Sales. Some premium apps are billed at a flat rate, while others are billed on a usage basis. All charges for premium apps appear on your regular Genesys Cloud bill. To use a premium app, a user must have the appropriate permission. The admin who configures a premium app for your environment determines which roles to assign the permission to. 

    Note: Use caution if you assign an existing role to a premium app because this action could result in unexpected charges. For example, if you assign permission for a usage-based app to an existing role, and that role has already been assigned to a thousand users, you could potentially receive a large bill. Usage beyond the number of users permitted by the application license in your subscription will be billed as overage. Contact Sales Enablement if you are unsure of the scope of your application purchase.
  • Community apps/integrations are from members of our user community. These apps and integrations are free.
  • Genesys apps/integrations are from our internal development teams. Some of these apps and integrations are available for purchase; many are free for all Genesys Cloud customers.

For a complete list of AppFoundry apps, go to the AppFoundry.