• Any of the following Billing permissions:
    • Billing > All Permissions
    • Billing > Subscription > Add
    • Billing > Subscription > View

You can download your bill at any time. Charges in your bill are based on your activation date. The charges shown reflect what you have incurred from the beginning of your current billing cycle through the previous day’s usage.  

For example, suppose you activate Genesys Cloud on October 21:

  • Your billing cycle is from October 21 to November 21.
  • If you view your bill on November 19, then you see all of the charges from October 21 to November 18.  
  • If you view your bill on November 24, you see all of your charges from November 22 to November 23.
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Account Settings, click Subscription.
  3. Click Download Bill.
  4. On the Invoices tab, specify your date range.
  5. Click Download Bill.
  6. Check your Downloads folder for your report.