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The following permissions:

  • Integrations > Integration > All
  • Integrations > Integration > Add
  • Integrations > Integration > Delete
  • Integrations > Integration > Edit
  • Integrations > Integration > View

Note: To see a list of apps that are currently available in the AppFoundry, go to the AppFoundry. Some premium applications are from our technology partners and authorized resellers. These apps and integrations are available for purchase. Before you obtain a premium appliation, you must contact Genesys Cloud Sales to update your subscription. For more information, see What are premium applications? and About premium applications
  1. Go to
  2. Click the card for the application that you want.
  3. To use a free application, click Install and select your Genesys Cloud region. Genesys Cloud helps you complete the installation. You can then use the application immediately. 
  4. To purchase a paid application, click Contact Us to contact your Genesys sales representative or approved reseller partner.
  5. You may also need to configure an integration to the application from within Genesys Cloud. For more information about configuring an integration to a third-party application, see About Client Application integrations.
  6. To see apps for a different product line, click the product line in the platform selector.