It is sometimes necessary to resolve interactions that are unfinished because an agent logged out with a preview call in play, or did not assign a wrap-up code. Outstanding interactions can prevent a campaign from stopping or recycling. Fortunately, the Outbound Campaign details view provides the option to transfer outstanding calls, or to complete them by assigning a wrap-up code. This procedure explains how to transfer an interaction. For more informattion, see Wrap up calls from the campaign details view.

Required permission

To blind transfer a call from the Outbound campaign details view, a user needs the conversation:communication:transfer permission.

The ability to transfer applies to all interactions, not merely stuck ones. An administrator uses this feature to take over a call as part of agent assistance.

To transfer a call:

  1. Select Performance > Outbound Campaigns. The Campaigns dashboard appears.
  2. Click the name of the appropriate campaign.
  3. On the Interactions tab, locate the call you want to transfer.
  4. Click the transfer button. 
    Figure shows button used to transfer a campaign call
  5. In the Transfer Interaction dialog, determine whom to transfer the call:
    • To transfer the call to yourself, click Transfer to Me.
    • To transfer the call to a queue or person, in the Transfer Interaction dialog box select the transfer recipient:Figure shows dialog used to blind transfer a campaign call
      • Type all or part of a name in the box provided.
      • To select the name of a person, click Users.
      • To select a destination queue, click Queues.

      Genesys Cloud automatically adds the name of the user or queue in the destination text box.

  6. Click Transfer.