Wrap up calls from the campaign details view

  • Outbound Admin role or the following permissions assigned to any user role:
    • Conversation > Communication > Disconnnect
    • Conversation > Participant > Wrapup 

Sometimes, it is necessary to resolve interactions that are unfinished because an agent logged out with a preview call in play, or did not assign a wrap-up code. Outstanding interactions can prevent a campaign from stopping or recycling. Fortunately, the outbound campaign details view provides the option to transfer outstanding calls, or to complete them by assigning a wrap-up code. This procedure explains how to assign a wrap-up code to an interaction. For more information, see Transfer calls from the campaign details view.

To assign a wrap-up:

  1. Click Performance.

  2. Click Outbound Campaigns. The Campaigns dashboard appears.

  3. Click the name of a campaign.

  4. On the Interactions tab, locate the call you want to wrap up.

  5. Click the wrap-up button.

    Figure shows button pressed to wrap-up an interaction

  6. In the Wrap Up dialog, type a wrap-up code in the box or select one from the list.

    Figure shows dialog used to assign a wrap-up code to an interaction

  7. Click Wrap Up and Disconnect.

    Figure shows button used to wrap-up and then disconnect an interaction