It is important to prepare your contact center to continue operations when unexpected failures or outages occur. This article outlines various outage scenarios and mitigation plans. Review the scenarios and preconfigure any options that align with your business continuity strategy. The options help prepare your business to use alternate channels to process interactions. 

Internet outage

Internet disruption at the customer’s site prevents access to Genesys Cloud.

Model Mitigation

Genesys Cloud Voice

BYOC Cloud

  • Have a wireless hotspot on standby.


BYOC Premises
  • If the network segment on which the BYOC Premises Edge resides still has connectivity to the Internet, but the segment with agents does not, you should plan to have the agents move to a work at home model.
  • Consider using redundant internet paths or AWS public direct connect.
  • If applicable to your telephony environment, consider a using a third-party SBC to redirect traffic to a premises-based PBX.

Voice outage

PSTN cannot communicate with the Genesys Cloud.

  1. Preconfigure web chat and email as separate channels to create alternative contact methods.
  2. Update your website to notify users that voice services are currently unavailable. Publicize the web chat and email contact methods on your website. 
  3. Be sure that each floor of your business has access to a cell phone line or alternative analog phone line for emergencies.

Phone registration failure

Physical phones lose registration to Genesys Cloud.

Preconfigure agents to have one of the following phones:

Single BYOC Premises Edge failure

A BYOC Premises Edge fails.

The expected result of a single Edge failure is that any phones registered to the failed Edge drop active and queued calls. Take the following actions to restore services to those phones and ensure that new calls in the queue are not sent to the failed Edge. 

  1. Toggle the status of the failed Edge to Out of Service.
  2. Restart the Edge.

Note: The phone redundancy feature allows phones to reregister without additional intervention. Toggle the status of the failed Edge to Out of Service even when phone redundancy causes phones to reregister. 

Unable to go On Queue

Agents cannot move to On Queue status.

Unable to log in

Agents cannot log in to Genesys Cloud.

  • If this issue only prevents new agents from logging in, avoid shift changes during this situation.
  • Contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care for alternate authentication methods.