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2024-05-27 2024-11-27


Effective November 27, 2024, Genesys will no longer support the BYOC Premises Edge Remote Survivability feature.

Note: While Genesys is deprecating the BYOC Premises Edge Remote Survivability feature, support for the BYOC Premises telephony connection option continues.

What does this mean?

After November 27, 2024, if all BYOC Premises Edges on your organization’s site lose internet connection, Genesys will no longer support consumption of cached IVR flows and the ability to route ACD calls to active agents. Also AI features that require real-time media processing will be unavailable.

Am I affected?

If your organization relies only on a BYOC Premises telephony connection and a single internet connection for business continuity, you are affected.

Why deprecate this feature?

Genesys Cloud is moving from premises-based only solutions and to cloud media. This shift provides Genesys with more opportunity for innovation and support. A focus on cloud media enables Genesys to better provide and support these key functions:

  • Enhanced cloud media resiliency
  • Advanced IVR functionality
  • More powerful AI solutions that require real-time media processing

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

If you are not concerned with remote survivability, then you do not have to do anything more. However, Genesys recommends that you investigate the BYOC Premises section of Survive an outage with business continuity best practices.

If you are concerned with remote survivability, you can migrate your premises-based solution to a 100% cloud-based solution or you can combine your existing premises-based solution with one of the Genesys cloud-based solutions via the hybrid media feature. For more information, see About hybrid media.

Who should I contact if I need help or have additional questions?

Contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.