Phone redundancy

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Phone redundancy ensures that phones in Genesys Cloud always connect to a registration service. To achieve this solution, Genesys Cloud registers every phone to a primary and secondary registration service. If phones lose the connection to the primary registration service, Genesys Cloud automatically switches the phones to the secondary registration service.

For BYOC Cloud and Genesys Cloud Voice, the registration service is handled in the cloud. For BYOC Premises, the registration service is handled by the edge devices: a primary edge and a secondary edge.

Genesys Cloud handles phone redundancy differently for managed phones and for generic SIP phones:

  • For managed phones, Genesys Cloud automatically handles phone redundancy configuration of both the primary and secondary registration service, and requires no user intervention. 
  • For generic SIP phones, Genesys Cloud provides the details for both the primary registration and secondary services. After you receive this information, you manually configure your generic SIP phone. For more information, see the Retrieve the primary and secondary registration information section in the Create a generic SIP phone article.