Phone redundancy automatically switches phones from a primary Edge to a secondary Edge if the phones lose the connection to the primary Edge. Phone redundancy operates as an active-active configuration. When a phone provisions and gets its configuration from an Edge, it registers simultaneously to both homed Edges. Once the phone has registered to both Edges, it uses the primary Edge to place and receive calls. If the connection between the primary Edge and the phones go down, calls switch to the secondary Edge. It does not matter whether the call is made from the Genesys Cloud user interface or from a hardware phone. Both calls operate in the same manner. All SIP and Media signaling also switches to the secondary Edge. When the primary Edge does come back online, all signaling switches back to the primary Edge.

Note: Phone redundancy does not include call survivability. Active calls disconnect if the connection to the Edge is lost.

  • Managed phone redundancy is automatic and requires no user configuration.
  • Generic SIP phones are not automatically provisioned by Genesys Cloud. Generic SIP phone redundancy requires manual configuration of the base setting. If possible, choose a managed phone and a specific make and model.

Caution: Generic phones don’t support failover assignments to secondary Edges. Enabling the Use Secondary Edge setting on a generic SIP phone can cause issues on phones that don’t support the concept of redundant proxies. You may need to manually configure your generic device to point the primary proxy to the primary Edge and the secondary proxy to the secondary Edge.

 To check the status of phone redundancy, navigate to Telephony Phone Management and click on the phone name. The screens lists the primary and secondary Edges and displays the status of the primary Edge and secondary Edge connections.PhoneRedundancy
    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
    3. Click the Base Settings tab.
    4. Click Create New and the Base Phone tab appears. 
    5. Type a name in the Base Settings Name field.
    6. From the Phone Make and Model list, select Generic SIP.
    7. Leave Standalone Features set to Off unless you are creating a base settings configuration for conference room phones. See Enable standalone features.
    8. Click the General setting.
    9. Under Use Secondary Edge, click Enable.
    10. Click Save Base Settings.