• Routing > Agent > Onqueue permission

As an agent, you can see the time elapsed in the status indicator for your status. This feature helps you track the time spent on your breaks and lunches.

You can see a live timer for:

  • Primary status
  • Secondary status 
  • On queue status 

To see the elapsed time for your status, on the side bar, click your picture.

The timer shows hours (h), minutes (m), and seconds (s).

  • When you switch between secondary statuses, the timer resets itself.
  • The timer on queue status does not include the time in the routing status, only the time in the on-queue/off-queue presence.
  • If you log out and log back in, your presence resets to Available. You see the timer for the new Available status and not the timer for the status that you had before you logged out.
  • If you refresh, your presence and time in your status stays the same.