Genesys Cloud
Incoming non-voice interaction alert ringtone change

Announced on Effective date
2021-05-26 2021-06-09

On June 9, 2021, Genesys replaced the current sound accompanying incoming non-voice interaction alerts with a new ringtone.  The new ringtone will play continuously until an agent answers or declines, or the alert timer expires.


What does this mean?

Agents will hear a new ringtone to remind them an interaction is awaiting to be answered or declined.  This capability aims to reduce unanswered interactions due to alert timer expiration.

Am I affected?

If anyone in your organization handles incoming non-voice interactions, then you’re affected.

What do I need to do before the removal date?

Inform your agents the ringtone for incoming non-voice interactions will be changing.

What if I need help or have questions?

Contact My Support.