Speech-to-text (STT) engines overview

Speech-to-text engines recognize and analyze audio in real-time or offline to transcribe spoken words into text. Use a speech-to-text integration, for example, if you use your own or a third-party chat bot that you want to use for voice bot conversations. 

  • Before you can obtain the Microsoft Azure premium application, you must contact Genesys Cloud Sales to add BYOT Rate E to your subscription. For more information, see Bring your own technology services model (per turn/minute rates).
  • Speech-to-text engines are only available in Architect for Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows.

Add a speech-to-text integration from AppFoundry and then use it in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows for real-time recognition. Use the transcribed utterances to voice-enable an external chat bot. Data actions can send the transcribed customer utterances to the chat bot, and then the bot replays the results to the customer using text-to-speech.

Data actions integrations allow you to create custom actions in Genesys Cloud that you can use throughout Genesys Cloud to act on data in your CRM. For more information, see About integrations.