Scripts can call an action when a script page appears on the agent’s display.

Note: To update contact data when a script runs, use the script’s Outbound contact data load action. Do not use the Update Contact Data action on page load. If you set the page load action to Update Contact Data, data can load incorrectly.
    1. Click Admin.

    2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.

    3. To open a script in the editor, click the script’s name.

    4. Click the Page tab.

    5. In the pages list, click More for the page you want to assign an action to.

    6. Click Properties. The editor lists the properties that are specific to that page.

    7. Click the button below Page Load Action.

    8. Select an action or create a new action.

    9. To close the Select Action menu, click Close .

    10. Click the Script, and click Save.