Series: Set up screen share

Set up screen share clients

A user starts a screen share from a screen share client. Set up one or more of the following screen share clients so that end users can screen share with an agent.

Firefox: No additional setup required.

Chrome: No additional setup required if the end user uses version 72 or newer of Chrome. If the end user uses version 71 or older of Chrome, brand the Chrome screen share extension and add it to the Chrome web store. 

Desktop application: Build your application around the Chromium Embedded Framework. You can build your application around Chromium or distribute a stand-alone screen share client. If you build your own desktop application around Chromium, end users can start a screen share session with Genesys Cloud agents directly from your desktop application. If your organization does not distribute a desktop application, then you can also develop a stand-alone Chromium application that customers can use to start a screen share session with a Genesys Cloud agent. 

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