Starting June 30, 2024, Genesys will no longer support Screenshare functions for Chat and Voice in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Deprecation: Legacy Co-browse and Screenshare.

Screen share offers different implementation options. The choices you make affect how sharers and agents experience screen share, and the steps you must take to implement screen share for your organization. 

Linked interactions

First, choose one or more of the linked interaction types. Agents can start screen share sessions during the chosen interaction types.

  • Calls
  • Web chats

Implementation is different for each. For more information, see Screen share linked interaction options.

Screen share clients

Choose at least one of the following screen share clients.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • A stand-alone application that your developers build. You can create an application just for screen share, or you can build screen share functionality into an application that also includes other functionality.

Implementation and experience are different for each. For more information, see Screen share client options.