Set your contact options

Add your email address and phone number. To reach you, your coworkers click the following icons. These icons appear on your profile, in search results, and on your contact card.

Contact icons from user mention in Genesys Cloud

  1. From the sidebar, click your profile picture to access user settings, then click the larger profile picture.
  2. From the Edit Mode in your profile, click Edit in the Contact Information section.
  3. Add all of the email addresses and phone numbers you want your coworkers to see.
      • Click Primary for your default email address and work phone number.
      • Click Accept SMS if you can receive texts at each phone number.
        Note: If you select to have a number be both primary voice and primary sms, your outbound caller ID uses the number on the trunk.
      • Add and the country code prefix to international phone numbers.
  4. Click + Add New to add instant messaging and address information. Contact-Info-IM-Address
  5. When selections are complete, click Save.