You can specify default menu settings for the configuration’s menus. You can edit these configuration settings for specific menus, but you may find it helpful to set up primary settings for most menu configurations.

Note: The configuration only applies to new menus.

  1. From the Architect home page, click or hover over the Flows menu and select the desired flow type.
  2. Click the flow you want to open. The flow’s configuration page opens.
  3. Under Settings, select Menus.
  4. In the Number of times to repeat menu field, use the up and down arrows to select the number of times you want Interaction Architect to repeat menus in the configuration.
  5. In the Menu selection timeout field, enter the time (in seconds) Architect waits before replaying the menu.
  6. To direct Architect to wait for a user to dial an extension, in the Listen for extension dialing area click True. If you do not want to use extension dialing, click False.
  7. If you chose to listen for extension dialing, in the Maximum delay for extension dialing area, enter the number of seconds to allow the caller to enter an extension.
  8. Click Save.