Configure a flow’s menu settings. Within the call flow, click SettingsMenus. Controls in this area set the number of times that Architect plays the greeting before it passes control to the menu’s default node, if one exists. The controls also set the number of seconds to wait for caller input before repeating the audio prompt. 

Note: You can override the settings within each menu choice.
Name Description and use

Number of times to repeat menu

Sets the number of times Architect plays a menu prompt before it passes control to the current menu’s default menu choice, if one exists. The default number is three times.

Menu selection timeout

Sets the number of seconds that Architect waits for a caller to make a choice before replaying the menu’s audio prompt. The default interval is 10.0 seconds. 

Listen for extension dialing 

Sets up processing that Architect interprets to handle multiple incoming digits as extension numbers, rather than as menu selections. Within a menu, if someone dials a series of digits, Architect can determine whether or not the person is dialing an extension. This option is enabled and True by default. Select False to disable this option. Enabling this feature directs the system to listen for user extensions. Standalone phones are not included unless you configure the extension in Genesys Cloud. For more information, see Configure line keys for a standalone phone.

Maximum delay for extension dialing 

Sets the amount of time (in seconds) that Architect waits for the caller to enter the next digit of an extension number. If Architect detects another digit within this interval, Architect considers that digit to be part of an extension number, rather than as a menu selection. Architect then waits the specified interval for another digit. The default interval is 1.0 seconds. 

Note: If you set Listen for extension dialing to True, set the Menu selection timeout value greater than the Maximum delay for extension dialing (seconds).