Series: Create a call flow


The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView

Under Settings, set the default flow behavior. Here, you can:

  • Define and manage flow architecture
  • Activate and maintain flows
  • Monitor and perform other flow and prompt tasks as needed

For more information, see the following pages:

Page Features you can configure

Set up default action settings

Manage the length of time to wait for a caller to enter an initial digit, and the amount of time to wait between digits, before timing out and passing control to the flow's parent menu, if one exists.

Set default event handling behavior

Manage default flow behavior if Architect encounters an error within a flow.

Configure default menu settings

Manage the number of times that the greeting plays before Architect passes control to the menu's default node if one exists. Also manage the number of seconds to wait for caller input before repeating the audio prompt.

Choose supported languages in a flow

Manage language for playback or recording of a voice prompt.

Configure default speech recognition settings

Manage general and default flow level speech settings such as company directory, timeout and confidence levels, and maximum speech length.

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