Select a phone in Genesys Cloud CX Utility

Feature coming soon: Genesys Cloud for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice


When you log in to the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice console for the first time, you do not have a selected phone. To make and receive voice calls, you must select a station, which is a named, addressable, logical entity that can receive and place calls. One or more stations can reside on a phone.

  1. Open the Genesys Cloud CX Utility window, click the icon and select Station from the list.
  2. In the Search stations box, type the name of the station. As you type, a list of station names that matches the station name appears.
  3. Select a station from the list and click the  icon next to the selected station.

    The images shows the Genesys Cloud CX utility window with the station details selected for voice calls.

To cancel the selected station, click the Logout of Station icon next to the current selected station. The canceled station is saved as the Previous Station for easy access.

The image shows the option to log out of the selected station.