An incoming call appears as a message that includes the incoming caller’s avatar and name (when available). If the call is from someone who has called a group that you are a member of, the group’s name also appears in the message. You can view any past calls in the Call History tab in the Calls panel

Note: When you select certain statuses, like Busy, you do not see alerts and all of your incoming calls go directly to voicemail. For more information about the types of presence and status, see Presence, status, and activity indicators

Answer a call

To answer an incoming call, on the notification, click Answer . To send the call directly to voicemail, click Decline .

Incoming call alert with the accept and decline icons

For On Queue agents that decline incoming ACD calls, the call returns to the queue.

Answer a call while on another call

If you receive an incoming call while on a call, you see the call either in the mini call controls pop-up or in the Active Calls list if you have the calls panel open. 

To answer the incoming call, click Answer . The original call goes on hold, and Genesys Cloud connects you to the new call.

To send the call directly to voicemail, select Decline . Your original call continues without interruption.