Professional Services overview

There are many ways to get started with Genesys Cloud. Professional Services offers help to the self-started who don’t need much help as well as to organizations requiring dedicated staff and ongoing engagement. 

Note: The Professional Services terms and conditions apply to all packages offered directly by Genesys.
  • Self start is for those customers who are comfortable getting up and running on their own without any assistance. You get access to the Genesys Cloud Resource Center, online training modules, and web-based enablement events.

  • Genesys Cloud Success Services are available on an annual basis and includes 24×7 emergency phone support, priority support queuing, Enablement Events and Webinars with live Q&A. Higher levels come with a named Services Manager and an assigned support team.

  • The Genesys Cloud Partner Ecosystem. Use the Genesys Find a Partner app to find a service provider who can help you buy, implement, service, support and add value to the Genesys Cloud Platform.

  • Genesys Cloud Foundation Package is a prescriptive implementation of Genesys Cloud to enable enterprises to ensure a quick deployment and value realization by leveraging best practice use cases for initial inbound voice and recording.

How does Professional Services delivery work?

Our Professional Services team takes inspiration from the Agile methodology and delivers in two or three week cycles known as sprints. We work with you to validate your requirements, deliver your organization’s configuration in manageable pieces, and become comfortable with the Genesys Cloud solution before moving forward. By working in smaller increments, we’re able to demonstrate functionality faster, and manage needed changes to your configuration quickly. This process means that we have fewer large changes, and we can get your Genesys Cloud environment up and running faster than ever. For more information about our implementation process, talk with your Professional Services Project Manager during your Implementation Kickoff.

Shared success model

Customers receive the resources to become increasingly self-sufficient with the Genesys Cloud shared success model.

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