Port numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice


  • Genesys cloudvoice > Number > Add, Delete, Edit, View permissions

To port numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice, contact your new carrier to arrange for them to take over management of the new numbers. Your new carrier provides you the appropriate Letter of Authorization (LOA) form along with instructions on how to proceed with the port operation. This form allows you to provide the information that is required to authorize your new carrier to port your numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice.

Note: As you fill out the LOA form, pay particular attention how you fill out the company/business name and address and the carrier name. This ensures that the port process is successful.

  • If you set up the numbers yourself, you enter your business name and address information as it appears on your Genesys Cloud invoice. 
  • If your numbers were set up for you by a Genesys partner, then use the partner name and their address on the LOA form.
  • If the LOA form requests the carrier name, use Genesys as the carrier name.
  • Genesys does not provide Customer Service Records (CSRs) as they are not required for the actual number port operation. 

Once your carrier informs you that the port process is complete, be sure to remove the numbers from the Genesys Cloud number inventory.

After you port out numbers and remove them from the Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management list, you are no longer charged by Genesys Cloud for your usage of those numbers. However, you are charged a prorated amount of the monthly recurring charge for the current billing cycle.

Note: If your port is being rejected and you have confirmed that you have provided the correct information as outlined above, please contact pcvoicetelcorequest@genesys.com for assistance. Please provide a full list of the numbers being ported, all the information provided to the gaining carrier, and the rejection reason provided with the most recent port attempt.