• Genesys Cloud Voice Admin role

To port numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice, contact your new carrier to arrange for them to take over management of the new numbers. Your new carrier provides you the appropriate Letter of Authorization (LOA) form along with instructions on how to proceed with the port operation. This form allows you to provide the information that is required to authorize your new carrier to port your numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice.

Typical items on the LOA form could include, the following.

    • Name: The name associated with your Genesys Cloud account. This can be found on your Genesys Cloud invoice under Ship To.
    • Service Address: For DIDs and other Geographical numbers, this is the address assigned to the numbers in Genesys Cloud Voice. For more information see, Where do I find the service address for porting numbers out of Genesys Cloud Voice? For Non-geographical and Toll-free numbers, this should be the address listed on your Genesys Cloud invoice under Ship To. If you do not receive an invoice, follow the process for DID and Geographical numbers above.
    • Notes

        • If the phone numbers you want to port out of Genesys Cloud Voice have different addresses, you will need separate port requests for each address.
        • If you are not invoiced directly by Genesys Cloud, you will need to engage your partner so they can provide the correct information for your port request.
    • Account Number/ID: If your new carrier requires an Account Number or Account ID, use the last eight characters (letters and numbers) of your Genesys Cloud Organization ID. For more information see, How do I find my organization ID?
      Note: Some carriers do not allow you to enter both letters and numbers. In these cases, use the last eight numbers of your Genesys Cloud Organization ID, excluding any letters.
    • Business Telephone Number (BTN): If your new carrier requires a BTN, you can use any one of the Genesys Cloud Voice numbers from the list of numbers you want to port.
      Note: Some carriers refer to BTN as the Billing Telephone Number.
    • PIN: If your new carrier requires a PIN to complete the number port operation, contact Genesys Cloud Voice support for assistance.
    • Proof of ownership: If your new carrier requires proof of ownership, such as a billing document, you can take a screenshot of the Number Management screen in your organization where the relevant phone numbers appear.
    • Authorized Contact/Signer: The signatory of the LOA must be someone who is a Genesys Cloud Voice Admin.

    Once your new carrier informs you that the port process is complete, be sure to remove the numbers from Genesys Cloud Voice.

    After you port out the numbers and remove them from the Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management list, you are no longer charged by Genesys Cloud for your usage of those numbers. However, you are charged a prorated amount of the monthly recurring charge for the current billing cycle.

    Note: If your port is being rejected and you have confirmed that you have provided the correct information as outlined, contact Genesys Cloud Voice support for assistance. Provide a full list of the numbers being ported, all the information provided to the gaining carrier, and the rejection reason provided with the most recent port attempt.