The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Planning Group > AddDelete, Edit, and View

When you create and manage planning groups for workforce management, consider these key principles: 

  • Use planning groups to associate a queue, media type, language, and skill set combination to a service goal template and a business unit.   
  • Planning groups allow users to simplify their configuration for workforce management by combining one or more queues, languages, and skill sets for forecasting and scheduling. However, remember that schedule generation looks for agents who can handle the entire planning group. Agents who can only handle a subset of the planning group will not be scheduled based on workload, but will receive a schedule. 
  • Planning groups are limited to one media type.
  • You can display and view agents who can handle the planning group.
  • During configuration, you can assign service goal templates to planning groups.
  • Within forecasting, planning groups replace the queue, media, language, and skill set selections.
  • In intraday monitoring, planning groups replace queue selection.
  • Schedules include a planning group filter.