When running a query to view aggregate data in a performance summary view, you might receive the error message, “A request couldn’t be completed. Refresh to try again.” Trying to query too much data affects system responsiveness for your entire organization. If your query includes a large date range, a large number of queues, or a large number of users, your query may not be completed.

If you are receiving error messages in your queries, consider some of the following best practices for viewing data in performance summary views. 

Genesys Cloud does not have rules for filtering performance summary data. Because the results of a query depend on the responsiveness of the system when searching large datasets, to get results when running your query, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my date range parameters too broad? For example, am I trying to run a custom date range query for the past year?

    Best practice: Validate the date range parameters. Try breaking the data query into smaller sizes by checking a month at a time.
  • Am I running a query during peak times for large amounts of data?

    Best practice: If possible, run the query during non-peak hours, such as late at night or early in the morning.
  • Are the queues I selected too large? For example, am I querying a value for 100 queues at a time?

    Best practice: Try querying by divisions or breaking up queue data into fewer queues at a time. 
Note:  If you feel your date range query is reasonable and you are still receiving an error, we recommend you contact Customer Care.