Port 1 (WAN)

The Edge communicates with the Genesys Cloud service through Port 1 (WAN) network port. The IP address that you assign does not need to be a public IP address. The only requirement is that the connection is able to access the Internet through outbound port 443. Ensure that entities in your network, such as firewalls, do not restrict communication through port 443.


The Edge requires a pairing process with the Genesys Cloud service. This pairing process ensures:

  • You have an account through Genesys Cloud.
  • Generation of private security certificates between the Edge and Genesys Cloud.
  • Association of the Edge with your Genesys Cloud account for administration and configuration.

During the pairing process, the LCD panel displays:

  • The pairing ID of the Genesys Cloud Edge device.
  • A verification code.

You can safely restart the appliance before you have entered the verification code during the pairing process.


  • Configure the LAN ports of the Edge appliance to reside on the same network segment as the IP telephones that you want to use with Genesys Cloud.

  • Configure the network ports that you use on the Edge before attempting to set up and configure SIP trunks.

Note: About ports and services for your firewall provides additional information on network port configuration.


Do not use the delete API function to remove data from the Edge at this time. Doing so deletes some necessary resources from the appliance, which creates significant difficulties in repairing.

External LCD

When you finish using the external LCD, Genesys recommends that you disconnect the device from the Edge. Leaving the external LCD connected to the Edge for extended periods of time can cause unnecessary CPU usage.