If you are using WhatsApp Embedded Signup Self-service Onboarding overview and own your WABA, you can create and submit WhatsApp message templates in your Meta Business Manager directly. See Manage a WhatsApp Business Account. If you went through our Manual onboarding experience, and Genesys manages your WABA, you will need to submit a WhatsApp Message Template form to us as instructed below.

WhatsApp business customers can reply to inbound messages within 24 hours without a template message. After 24 hours of receipt of the original inbound message--or to send a proactive outbound message--WhatsApp business customers must use pre-approved, structured messages, called template messages, to contact their customers.

Before you configure a WhatsApp message template in Genesys Cloud, create a corresponding message template, and have it approved for your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

Note: To complete the form, you must know your Organization ID. For more information about your Organization ID, see How do I find my organization ID?

To request approval of a message template for your WABA, email your request to GenesysCloudWhatsAppRequests@genesys.com. Genesys emails a WhatsApp message template request form for you to complete. Return the completed form to GenesysCloudWhatsAppRequests@genesys.com.

Note: Message template approval takes from one to three business days.

Note: You can onboard to WhatsApp via the new sign-up feature without submitting a WhatsApp message template form to Genesys. You can then self-manage template submissions with WhatsApp. For more information about how to use the self-service sign-up, see WhatsApp Embedded signup self-service onboarding overview.