WhatsApp Embedded Signup Self-service Onboarding overview

Feature coming soon

With the Genesys Cloud Embedded Signup, you can onboard customers directly to the WhatsApp Business Platform directly within Genesys Cloud. The new onboarding flow is embedded and integrated as part of the Genesys Cloud Messaging Platform. This self-service onboarding enables an easy signup experience and effectively automates key processes and removes the current process of filling out application forms and going through manual onboarding.

The benefits of the Embedded Signup features are:

  • Significant acceleration of onboarding, making it easier for you to scale with the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  • Reduced onboarding time from days to minutes. The new onboarding process combines multiple steps to a single flow. It connects your Meta Business Manager accounts and WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs) to Genesys, and verifies and registers your phone numbers.
  • Create and own your own WABAs and share access to it directly with Genesys as part of the signup flow. This new process is unlike the current process, where Genesys creates and manages WABAs on-behalf-of customers.
  • After signup and activation of your first WhatsApp number, you can log in into your Meta/FB Business Manager to access your WABAs, and have complete control of the following WhatsApp assets:
    • Phone Numbers (including the WhatsApp Business Profile for each number)
    • Message Links and QR Codes related with each phone number
    • Message Templates
    • WhatsApp Insights Data/Reports

You need not rely on Genesys to perform operational tasks such as requesting QR Codes, making WhatsApp business profile updates, or getting new Message Templates approved from WhatsApp. All these tasks can be self-serviced from the Meta Business Manager without Genesys intervention.

Note: New customers onboarding on the WhatsApp platform and existing customers who wish to activate new WhatsApp numbers as part of a new WABA must go through the Embedded Signup flow. Customers whose WABAs are managed by Genesys and who wish to simply add new phone numbers to existing WABAs OR customers who are migrating phone numbers from another WhatsApp provider cannot use the Embedded Signup flow yet and must follow the manual onboarding process (See Configure ACD messaging for WhatsApp Messenger (Manual Onboarding). Genesys plans to migrate existing WABAs and phone numbers to embedded signup in a future phase. For more information about the self-service onboarding process, see Work with Embedded Signup Flow.

Genesys will continue to manage the billing process for customers. As part of the Embedded Signup Flow, Genesys is responsible for sharing our line of credit with your WhatsApp Business Account and we will continue to invoice you for any pass-through charges coming from WhatsApp. For more information about WhatsApp pricing see Messaging Pricing.