Resource Center

For self-support, open the Resource Center directly on a browser or access the Help menu.

To access the Help menu, click Help icon Help in the lower left corner of Genesys Cloud. You can perform the following tasks:

  • To see information related to a task, clickHelp with this page iconHelp with this page
  • To search for information, clickSearch help icon Search help.
  • To view more help options, clickMore help icon More help.
    • To open the Resource Center home page and find what you need, click Resource Center.
    • To discover the Genesys Community, a place to connect with peers, share your expertise, and ask questions of your own, click Community.
    • To explore Genesys Beyond learning material, click Training.
    • To explore community, training, and product resources, click Knowledge Network.
    • To contact your organization’s designated recipient of technical and non-technical issues, click Contact Help Center.
    • To download Genesys Cloud for Mac and Windows, click Download Desktop Application.
    • To learn how Genesys Cloud handles your organization’s sensitive data, click Privacy Policy.
    • To learn what’s new in Genesys Cloud, click Release Notes
    • To check the Genesys Cloud version and read the terms and conditions, click About Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud e-learning

Sign up for a free Genesys Beyond account and then, after you receive access, go to the Genesys Beyond Getting Started page for further information.