Series: Set up a contact center in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Generate contact center configuration XML file

Feature coming soon: Genesys Cloud for Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

  • A self-signed certificate required to make and receive calls using Voice. See Requirements.
  • Create the Contact Center Lightning app.

To generate an XML file for the contact center configuration in Salesforce:

  1. On the Setup Home page, click the App Launcher icon.
  2. Search for Contact Center in the Search apps and items box and click Contact Center to open the app.
  3. In the app navigation menu, select Genesys Service Cloud Settings.
  4. In the Genesys Cloud CX for Salesforce BYOT settings window, click the Create Contact Center Configuration button.
  5. Select the Contact Center tab and enter the following details that are mandatory:
    • Display name for the contact center.
    • Select the Genesys Cloud region.
    • Long distance prefix.
    • Upload the Public key here.
  6. (Optional) In the SSO Settings section, enter the SSO Provider Name and the Organization Name.
  7. Click Generate Contact Center Configuration XML.
    An XML file is created and downloaded to your local machine.

Use the XML file to create a contact center. For more information, see Create and configure a contact center. When you generate the XML configuration file, the Genesys Integration Registry tab lists the Salesforce Organization Id and Salesforce Contact Center Name. You can copy these details and use in Genesys Cloud to set up the integration.

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