Architect creates different flows with different extensions. This feature helps prevent importing a different flow type into an unsupported configuration. For example, you cannot import an inbound call flow file into an outbound call flow configuration. This feature also helps ensure that users don't import one type of flow over another. For example, let's assume you have an outbound call flow titled "Main Flow". If you import an inbound call flow with the same name, it will not override the existing outbound flow.

The Architect call flow extensions are:

  • Inbound flows: .i3InboundFlow
  • Outbound flows: .i3OutboundFlow
  • In-queue flows: .i3InQueueFlow
  • Secure flows: i3SecureCallFlow
  • Inbound email flows: i3InboundEmailFlow
  • Inbound message flows: i3InboundMessage