Define Architect flows using YAML

Genesys Cloud offers the capability of defining Architect flows using YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language). This feature, Archy, allows organizations to cover specific use cases when creating a flow using the UI is awkward and time consuming.

For example, if you move a flow between different test and production orgs, then you lose all mappings to queues, data actions, and more. Make sure that you manually remap these configurations later. With Archy, you define the flow you want to move and then use find-and-replace functionality to update these mappings procedurally and automatically.

Export flows in YAML format

You can use Genesys Cloud scripting to export an Architect flow in YAML format. Next, edit the flow in a text editor such as Visual Studio Code and then use Archy to import the flow back into Architect. After you import the updated flow, you can recreate it in the same Genesys Cloud organization or enable it in a different Genesys Cloud organization. This feature helps you to more quickly leverage an existing flow’s configuration, rather than create a new flow and then manually replicate queue mapping, lengthy task processes, menu navigation, and more.

Note: Sequence builders are not currently supported when you export a flow in YAML format. During export, the system renders these sequences in the equivalent expressions; however, the expressions function as expected.
  1. Open an existing Architect flow, or create a new one.
  2. Click next to the Save button and from the menu that appears, click Export as yaml.

Architect exports the flow with a .yaml extension.

For more information about defining Architect flows using Archy for your Genesys Cloud organization, see Archy in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.